Meredith Jones

I created Do Justly Now to bring the centuries old tradition of yoga based mindfulness practices to some of the people who need it most - my fellow lawyers.

I am a former assistant public defender and small firm partner who knows exactly how stressful the practice of law can be. Whether it's clients, the court, opposing counsel, co-workers, or the person driving 5 miles under the speed limit keeping you from getting to that hearing on time, this career can take its toll - but it doesn't have to.

Do Justly Now isn't about fitting in one more thing to your busy day. It's about building a life that is purposeful, centered, satisfying.

Do: We are action oriented. Even if we are taking small steps, we are taking them. Too often self-care can overly tilt into self-indulgence and, dare I say it, navel-gazing. We all need to recognize and honor the need to recharge, but we are recharging so that we can re-engage with our work.

Justly: The best lawyers act to further the interests of justice. I am unapologetically a lefty politically active intersectional feminist. I care a lot about making the world better, and while I do a lot of physical yoga and breathing exercises, that shit’s gotta be yoked (there’s that yoga for you) to action. The humanity of every single human on this planet must be respected, and that’s not going to happen even through the best meditation practice. (But don’t stop meditating, because there’s power there.) As a yogi some of the most important work I do is off my mat.

Now: Focus on the present moment. This is the only moment in which we can act, and there is so very much we can, in fact, do. So let's get started.