Stress Less in 15 Minutes a Day

You’ve heard all the statistics and stories about stressed out lawyers, and you want something more for yourself, but you haven’t figured it out yet. You’ve got a friend that swears by yoga, but the thought of finding time to go to a studio that fits into your schedule, with a class that is tailored to your needs, just seems like one more thing to add to your already full plate.

I know - I’ve been there.
I started my law career as an Assistant Public Defender with well over a hundred cases on my docket, clients in jail, in mental health institutions, in juvenile detention.
I opened a private practice where my partner and I continued to do criminal defense, but added family law and dependency actions as well. Not exactly low-stress practice areas. After less than a year in private practice, both my law partner and I were divorcing our spouses. Neither home nor the office were places to take a breather.

So I started breathing at yoga.
And I fell in love with the practice. I’d done yoga before, but this time I took a deep dive into the full spectrum. I worked one on one with my teacher to develop a yoga teacher training program that dove deep into the theory of yoga and its practical application. This was more than bendy poses - this was a way to approach every day as my best, fullest self.

Now I’m taking what I’ve learned through my 200 hour yoga teacher training, my 10+ years of personal yoga practice, plus my background as a practicing attorney, and bringing you a customized plan your your unique situation. You get to learn from both my mistakes and my failures. I know it can be hard to fit in another thing on your to-do list, so we’ll develop a short (15 or so minute) home practice for you, whatever your experience with yoga. Your plan takes into account the factors important to you: time of day, time you’ll consistently practice, what space and props are available to you, and more.

Here’s how your 40 Day* Home Practice Protocol works:

  • Book a time for our call. You’ll fill out an intake form with your goals, any concerns, and some general information.

  • Then we’ll have a 15 minute call to explore and refine what you hope to get from your practice.

  • Receive a customized Home Practice Protocol laser focused on your desired outcome. This will include a written .pdf explanation of your practice, PLUS a video recording of any meditation, breathwork (pranayama), or yoga posture (asana) portions of the protocol.

  • A week after you receive your customized practice, you’ll get an email from me checking in with how everything is going. We’ll make any necessary minor tweaks.

  • A series of motivation emails (but not too many - promise!) to keep you going.
    Your cost: $150.00 payable upon booking.**

*Why 40 days? This is a substantial enough time for you to build a habit and routine, as well as to really learn what is and is not working for you. With a consistent 40 day practice you’ll be able to identify where you want to go deeper, and develop the confidence to take yourself there. Of course, you can keep going with your initial protocol as long as you’d like! Or, we can work together to take you to the next level.

**Refund Policy: Full refund if your appointment is cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. 75% refund if less than 24 hours before your appointment. 25% refund up to 24 hours after appointment. No refunds issued 24 hours after appointment or after sending your protocol, whichever is sooner.