Services Offered


Home practice protocol

Stress Less in 15 Minutes a Day: We’ll develop a short home practice for you, whatever your experience with yoga. Your plan takes into account the factors important to you: time of day, time you’ll consistently practice, what space and props are available to you, and more.

Introductory Price: $150

Room full of chairs, ready for presentation

CLE Offerings

Let Meredith present a CLE to your firm or organization, customized to your needs. Presentations may be virtual or in person. Topics include:

  • Lawyers and Social Media: Ethical, Authentic, Impactful Usage

  • Law and the Yamas: Ethics of Yoga Applied to the Practice of Law

  • Kelshas and Client Relations: Smoother Relationships, Better Results

Meredith stands behind client, instructing on how to use a block as a prop in pyramid pose

introduction to yoga

It can be intimidating to walk into a yoga studio, wanting to find some peace and calm, and be surrounded by people who seem to know exactly what they are doing and know all the secrets. This package will let you gain the confidence you need to walk into a yoga studio or to practice at home. Meredith will come to you for a series of three one-hour private yoga sessions. You will learn yoga terminology, postures, breathing techniques, and more, while your personal concerns are addressed.

Offered in the Twin Cities metro area. Other locations upon request. Starting at $295