Stress Less Now

Two Hour Workshop:
September 14, 10am - Noon
Unity of Fort Pierce 3414 Sunrise Blvd, Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Do you want to be less tense in your day-to-day? Learn how to keep your cool when dealing with frustrating opposing counsel or judges?Have you ever wondered exactly how you can use yoga and mindfulness to decrease your stress levels? I'm taking what I’ve learned from practicing law and becoming a certified yoga teacher and sharing it with you. Want all the details to apply to your own practice?
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In this Workshop, you’ll learn my formula for lowering your stress levels and increasing job satisfaction in REAL actionable ways:

  • Learn simple yoga postures that you can do in your office, in whatever clothes you’re wearing

  • Develop a personal meditation practice that you can do ANYWHERE - even in court!

  • Center yourself and get crystal clear on how to create your own best solutions

  • Reduce or even eliminate sources of stress from your practice and your life

  • Make room for more of what you actively WANT - whether it’s better clients or more free time

  • Understand and identify your “negative” emotions and using them to guide your actions

PLUS you’ll get: